The Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Science (ISISS RAS), created in 1969, is the largest Centre of scientific information in the field of social and humanitarian sciences. To the scientific community the Institute is known for its abstract, bibliographic and analytical editions, its automated information system on Social Sciences and its Basic Library having over 13,5 million of books and periodicals.
     ISISS RAS includes the following structural divisions: the Centre for Social Scientific - Information Researches, the Centre for Humanitarian Scientific - Information Researches, the Centre for Scientific - Information Researches on Global and Regional problems, the Centre for Scientific - Information Researches on Science, Education and Technologies, the Centre for Research on the Problems of the European Safety, the Centre for Supplying Information to Bank and Enterprise Activities, the Centre for Information, the Basic Library, the Publishing Centre.
      ISISS RAS supports and develops communications with the world research and library centres, including Germany, France, USA, India, Chinese People's Republic and other countries. Cooperation is carried out both on a bilateral basis, and within the framework of the international projects.
     One of the forms of co-operation is joint preparation of various information publications, and also an exchange of databases on magnet bearers and micro-fishes.
     Since 1992 ISISS RAS takes part in development and realization of the international project "the European Information Network on the International Relations and Regional Researches ".
     Access for the Internet users to the information resources of the Institute promotes the development of scientific communications and integration into the international information network.
     The Institute regularly directs the experts to foreign centres of science for making studies and participating in the international seminars and conferences, and invites scientists from various countries on a mutual basis.

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